Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tubing Hill

We have had some inversion in Boise. Well, until yesterday we've had no sun and temperatures under 30 degrees every day, for 3 1/2 weeks! Our family was starting to go a bit stir crazy with out any sun, so we headed up to McCall which is above the inversion. The kids didn't have school. We loved getting reacquainted with the sunshine and blue skies. We found this place called the Activity Barn. It was so much fun to take turns tubing, and pulling Ryan and Lydia around on tubes.
Nathan, Danny and I

Mike and the boys in the action.

I love Nathan's red, wind blown cheeks.

Danny wanted to go down the fastest run every time!

Ryan was insistent that he was NOT going down "The Big Ones."

We had a hard time keeping Lydia's gloves on. Her little hands were so cold. After awhile she finally broke down crying because she was just so cold and miserable. She finished the afternoon up watching Diego in the van. I've tried to get her into some Princess movies, but she really LOVES Diego.


*Just as a side note: We had a beautifully perfect, sunny day yesterday. The sun really does the soul some good don't you think? Since today is clouded over again, we'll look forward to seeing the sun again soon. Hopefully it won't be
3 1/2 weeks!