Sunday, May 31, 2009

All About Ryan!

Hey everyone, this handsome guy is now five years old and we have had a fun and busy week of celebrating!

On Thursday, May 21st, Ryan got to take the snack bucket to school. Because it was a special occasion, we took in sugar cookies with bananas and hawaiian punch. When Ryan got to school they put this special crown on him. He had been waiting for this moment all year long!

When Ryan got home from preschool he got to have a birthday party with some of his friends from church. We played race car games, had race car hats, and ate race car cake.

Here are some of Ryan's pals.

Top Row: Blake Helms, James Baker, Ryan, Danny, Eliza Stevens and Nathan. Front Row: Nick Majors, Mindy Walker, Emylia Payne, Natalie Evans and Jake Helsing.

For years now Ryan has been terrified of his Birthday Cake (well really the candles). So much so, that in years past he would burst into tears anytime he heard the "Happy Birthday" Song. This year he was pretty brave! He did have a "deer in the headlights" look. Almost like he was afraid to blink! His poor little eyes even started watering. :)

We worked hard in the yard all day on Saturday, May 23rd. Sunday, May 24th (Ryan's actual Birthday) we drove 2 hours up to Tamarack to spend the evening in this cabin and enjoy the evening. We went down to the lake in McCall and strolled through town. The weather was perfect!

After dinner we took the kids to Gold Fork Hot Springs. The water is a heavenly temperature in all of the pools (there are five). But probably the temperature was the best for the kids in the sand bottom pool. Nathan and Danny also played chess by the side of the pool on a gigantic game board.

We could not get Lydia and Ryan to look up for this picture! This was the best shot I got of the group of them.

We swam until about 9 p.m. and then came back to the cabin to open presents and sing to Ryan. We picked up cupcakes at the grocery store in McCall. "Happy Birthday to Ryan!"

On Memorial Day morning the kids took a soak in the hot tub. We then packed up and headed to a breakfast place called "The Pancake House." It is not the nation wide chain, but a little mom and pop place in McCall that makes divine breakfast items. I think they are most famous for their homemade dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls...a family favorite.

On Wednesday, May 27th, (just a couple of days ago) Ryan had a preschool Luau. The kids sang a few fun songs for the parents. It was also his Preschool Graduation. Here you can see him getting his diploma.

Ryan is getting to be such a big boy. He has such a fun sense of humor and is such a great buddy to his brothers and sister. He loves playing hard, wrestling, and having lots of friends. He is curious and has questions about why everything is the way it is, and how everything works. It was SO much fun to have a week all about Ryan! We sure love this guy.

I Love May

May is my favorite month of the year. Everything is green and flowers are in bloom. We have a tradition of doing a photo shoot on Mother's Day. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Love These Kids.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last Thursday night I was a Pageant Coordinator. My friend Leah and I threw a Girl's Night / Going Away Party for our friend Lynnelle King. Leah was insistent that we not do the boring, "get together and have munchies and chit-chat." Let's just say we did quite the opposite.
By the way: the identities of most of these women have been withheld for their protection...well, really just so they are not completely humiliated! :)

When everyone arrived they received a sash, a crown and a bag of hair accessories. Each contestant was required to use ALL of the hair accessories. We had a room for hair and make-up (...think bright blue, bright green, hot pink...) and also a place for putting on LOTS of jewelry (Kirsten and Tyla, thanks for the loaners).

The first hour and a half was spent primping, practicing for talent numbers, munching on snacks, and doing the "chit-chat" thing. At 9:00 p.m. sharp, we started the show. First, each contestant was introduced and walked across the stage doing the Pageant Wave. Here, a few friends are performing their Rock Band Interpretation of "We Got the Beat."

A group of us also rehearsed and performed a Dance Number to "How Lovely to Be a Woman," from the musical "Bye, Bye, Birdie".

What pageant would be complete without a Swim Suit competition? Don't they look great?!

After a myriad of other impromptu talents, (i.e.-hoola hooping, putting a puzzle together, saying the ABC's backwards) and several very silly Judge's Questions, we announced the winner. "And the winner is...Miss Queen of it All, Lynnelle King." We upgraded her cardboard crown to one with sequins and glitter and gave her this very lavish bouquet of silk roses. She did her victory walk and we all cheered for her as "Here She is, Miss America" played in the background.

After the crowning, everyone enjoyed each others company and had these yummy cupcakes from the Cupcake Doctor.

Here are the party planners: Miss Grey Pebble Way and Miss Cuba (aka.-Me and Leah)

I think that everyone had loads of fun, and laughed really hard. It was the best!

When are you planning your next Girl's Night?