Monday, March 30, 2009

So Long San Diego?

So here is an update on our Spring Break: It turns out that in the future we should probably take a few shorter vacations more frequently. You see, we were feeling so vacation deprived (and really I think it has more to do with the sun and the warmth) that now that we are here, we are not really sure that we want to leave. Although there are definitely some draw backs to driving 19 hours to San Diego, there are definitely some perks. We don't HAVE to leave until we are absolutely ready.

We kicked off the Spring Break in style by taking the kids to see David Archuleta in concert. The kids had a hard time seeing over all of the adults. So I held Danny and Mike held Nathan the majority of the concert. The highlight was toward the end of the show when he sang "Crush." We danced and sang at the top of our lungs and got an incredible workout because I was dancing holding an extra 60 lbs, and Mike an extra 75 the older boys are getting big!


Reason #1: NO AGENDAS, NO WORRIES. We have just been "taking it as it comes" and "going with the flow" ever since we left Boise. It is nice that way because we don't have any expectations and we have not been disappointed once. Here the kids and I are at Powerhouse Beach. Just as a side note: Lydia is disgusted, terrified, and down right bugged by sand. She starts sobbing uncontrollably as soon as her little feet, or shoes touch the sand...which can be problematic when you visit beach after beach.

Reason #2: THE SCENERY. This place is just beautiful. Here Danny and Nathan are playing in the surf.

Reason #3: DEL MAR SWIRLS, which is a frozen yogurt place where you can add your own toppings. We've already been twice and the boys made us promise that we would hit it at least one more time on the way out of town. These frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over the place down here. These shops do not serve 80's style yogurt "pretending to be ice cream." These are hip, modern places where people go for true frozen yogurt! Delicious!

Reason #4: THE WEATHER!!! Here everyone is swimming in an OUTDOOR pool at Eliot's gym (which might as well have been a resort in Maui, with all the palm trees and the padded lounge chairs).

Reason #5: THE WILDLIFE. This picture shows Danny, Nathan, Ryan, Mike and Madison at La Jolla Cove. Just to the right of them on some rocks are a whole bunch of sea lions hanging out...which I somehow didn't manage to get a picture of. Not to mention the super fun day we had at the San Diego Zoo.

Reason #6: HANGING OUT WITH FAMILY. We have been staying with my sister Angie and her husband Eliot. We love staying up late and chatting. The kids have loved playing together, too. This is a picture of Lydia and her cousin Madison.

Reason #7: THE BEACHES. We've visited about 5 or 6 different beaches this week. Here Ryan is playing in the sand a few minutes before we started a bonfire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

Reason #8: THE SUNSETS. Here we watched the sun set on a pier in Oceanside. It is the longest wooden pier on the west coast. It is so cool to watch the sun dip right into the ocean.

Reason #9: Did you know that you can get into Disneyland for FREE on your birthday??

Today Mike went into work with Eliot and they let him use a conference room to do his work. I didn't see him until dinner and he came home talking about how he "was sure we could figure out how to move here and still keep his business in Boise." That would probably never really happen, but we can pretend for a couple of days. We have the "okays" from all of the kids' teachers and nothing else beckoning us back this very moment. So anyway, some may call us irresponsible, some may call us crazy, some may call us absolutely indulgent carrying on like this, but we're staying...probably until the end of the week.

We are just not quite ready to say, "So Long to San Diego"