Monday, September 29, 2008

We Love You Grandpa

My Grandpa Smith passed away on Thurdsay morning. He was a wonderful man. He has been there for many of the major events in my life.

This is a picture of all of my kids with Grandpa. It was taken at the end of April. Nathan and Danny said that they are really going to miss him.

Here is the most recent picture I had of Grandpa and my kids. This was August 14th. Nathan and Danny didn't go on this trip with me. Before I left that day I told Grandpa that I loved him. I really do. Grandpa-Mike and I will miss you and so will your great grand kids.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Girl's Trip

I am planning a Girl's Trip for November 6th-9th. We are having ladies come from all over-Washington, Oregon and California. Anybody is welcome. I have to mention that I am not obsessed with Twilight but some of my friends are, and I thought it would be a good excuse to get away for a couple of days. Here is the flyer that I came up with:


Included in the flyer is most of the information you will need. Everyone is invited. Tell your friends. Let me know if you're interested. This is going to be so much fun!

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's Wrong Ryan?

This is Ryan: He is 4 Years Old. He is the reason that I put a keyed lock on my pantry.

Apparently I forgot to lock the pantry before I went upstairs for my shower. This is what I found when I came back downstairs:

These next two pictures illustrate what I found next.
Keep in mind both of the pictures are not "staged" at all:

The first picture is carrots scattered all over the floor. On the next picture you can see, a granola bar wrapper, ketchup (notice the lid is missing), a tortilla smeared with ketchup and little bowl of ice water, just incase Ryan got thirsty. All of these were conveniently situated on the side table next to the couch, where Ryan was watching "Go, Diego, Go."
I guess I need a lock for my fridge, too.

The other day Ryan was a little bit whiny and sad. Mike asked, "What's Wrong Ryan"? He replied, "I'm ALWAYS hungry!"

Funny Guy! We love you Ryan!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Nate-Dog!

Yesterday was Nathan's Birthday. He was born ten years ago! Where does the time go? Nathan had a busy birthday. School, then Honor Choir, then homework, and here you can see he has just wrapped up his football practice. Doesn't he look good in his gear?

Practice got over at seven. We took a Costco cake to practice and shared it with all of his teammates and coaches. His team name is Gators and the team color is green.

A couple of the boys thought it was quite humorous to shout out the word "FOOTBALL" every time the word "birthday" came up in the song. It sounded a little something like: "Happy FOOTBALL to you...Happy FOOTBALL to You! Happy Football, dear Nathan..."

Nathan blew out his candles and promptly told us afterward that he hadn't made any wishes. Do you think he feels too cool for wishes (now that he is ten) or do you think he was just really trying to keep his wish a secret?

Ten Years Old! What a great kid.

Here Nathan and Mike are looking at some of the football cards that Grandma Swensen put in his present. Happy Birthday Nathan!