Saturday, February 26, 2011

Court of Dreams

This year Danny played basketball on a local club team. Mid-season they got the opportunity to play on the court of the Idaho Stampede. They got to use the locker rooms and drink from the Gatorade coolers. They called it the Court of Dreams.

Before the game started they had an announcer using the loud speaker. "And at number eleven, D-Danny, D-D-D-Double D, Dildine!" The crowd went wild!

The huddle.

Great form Danny!

It was sure fun to watch him play in this arena, maybe we'll be back to watch him play here again someday.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


By far, the best purchase we have ever made was the Trampoline that is in our back yard. Most of the year 'round you can find the kids out there. Not even the snow will deter them, they just put on their snow suits. Been raining? Doesn't matter. I often find piles of my nice bath towels out there. They use them to dry off the tramp. Every day after school they drop their backpacks and run straight out there. Unlike other toys and things we have purchased, the trampoline NEVER gets old, no matter your age. Mike's been on it with his brothers and in fact, Nathan's Deacon's Quorum is coming over here for Mutual tonight...Just so they can play Slam Ball on the Tramp. Ask me if you should invest in one?...I'll say, "Absolutely."

This is often the view we can see out our back windows. Though the scenery around the kids changes from bleak and gray to green and lush, still they stay...Jumping on the Tramp.

Looks like an exciting game of Poison Ball.

A perfect way to hang out with family.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Happy Birthday to Lydia May! I'm not sure if you noticed the huge bruise from her cheek bone to her eye brow. Well, the morning of her birthday she woke up with that. Mike says she did wake up in the night crying, but he put her back in bed and she calmed right down. The only thing we can figure is that she fell out of bed and on the way down, she landed perfectly on the bed rail. After explaining this to her preschool teachers, one of them told me that the same had happened to her son when he was young, only he actually broke his nose! Who knew that was even possible? I guess we will have to wait for Lydia's four year old pictures until the swelling goes down. :(

Despite her rough night, she was able to be thoroughly happy for her family birthday celebration.

Make a Wish!

Ever since we saw the movie, Lydia has been a huge fan of Rapunzel, from "Tangled."

This doll house was Lydia's present from Mike and I. I had been eyeing it for a long time, and every birthday or Christmas I would ask myself if she was old enough to really enjoy it. After having three boys, I really relish the opportunities to buy this girlie stuff. Well, the perfect time had arrived. It has gotten a lot of use. Little People, Loving Family, Super Heroes, Ice Hockey Figures and sometimes full size Barbies make this there home. The accommodations are a little tight for the Barbies, but Lydia finds a way to make it work. Lydia-we love having you as part of our family. You are such a treat!