Sunday, October 31, 2010


Because Halloween was on a Sunday, we used the evening to carve our pumpkins, while handing out a candy to Trick-or-Treaters.

Nathan decided that he would rather watch football, than carve his pumpkin. That was okay by me. I could not believe how much Nathan looks like Mike in this picture. This is exactly what you would see Mike wearing on a Sunday Evening.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


We had the most glorious weather for Halloween this year. We started the festivities with a Tri-Ward Trunk-or-Treat. Wow! Now that is some efficient Trick-or-Treating! All of the kids came home with their Halloween Pillowcases really weighed down. When Lydia and Ryan needed help to carry their bags around from car to car, we all decided that we had plenty of candy.

The Crew

I snapped these pictures just after the Trunk-or-Treat, and just before a whole bunch of the Dildine Family showed up to our place for Hot Chocolate. We had almost 40 people here to visit and show off costumes to Grandma, Grandpa and other Cousins.

Nathan-The Neon Ninja

I do have to say that there were quite a few Ninjas at the Trunk-or-Treat. Neon Ninjas??? Not a single one, except for Nathan. Great idea Nate!

Danny-The Werewolf (traditional variety)

Danny originally wanted to be an Evil Cookie Monster. All of the Cookie Monster Costumes in town and online, were either over 60 dollars (made for adults) or only 20 dollars (but made for toddlers). Darn! That would have been sooo cool! At least that's what he told me. :)

Ryan--The Fighter Pilot

For quite a while now Ryan has been way into airplanes and spaceships. A Hockey Player costume was in the running, as he adores ice hockey right now, too.

Lydia--Alice in Wonderland

We went through every Princess imaginable, in trying to decide what Lydia would be for Halloween. I finally talked her into Alice, which fit her perfect with her blond hair. I had to hem her costume (that I ordered online) because it was just a tad too long. Well, actually she would have tripped on it had she worn it as it showed up in the mail. I added the sequins and used a flat iron to straighten her hair.

I was devastated to realize that in the first round of pictures taken on Saturday and also at the Trunk-or-Treat, I didn't put Lydia's apron on (See above picture). Shoot! It totally makes the outfit. So, here are some "retakes" of the next day. Nathan wasn't up for the Neon Ninja garb again, so he is a Basketball Player in this group pic.

Basketball Starts

Some people may think that I am crazy, but I love when my boys start to play basketball. Right now we have 3 games every Saturday, and Danny is not even playing until the Spring. That means one game for Ryan and two for Nathan. Miraculously, we rarely have a games that conflict with one another. The great part is that we spend the entire day together as a family. In between games we go out to lunch, or do a little Christmas shopping. The whole season becomes even more magical once it starts to snow. It is just a little reminder that once we have the last games of the year and the time clock reads 00:00, that Christmas is only days away.

Ryan's Team---The Tiger's (a name that all of the boys came up with)

Nathan made the AAU team again this year. Mike and I can't believe how hard he has worked to improve his game.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Because Nathan turned 12 this year, he was due for a Birthday Party with Friends. He decided that rather than have a boat load of boys over for pizza and cake, he would rather have just a couple of friends join him for bowling and dinner at Chili's.

Looks like fun.

Strike! a pose.

I'm not sure if this reaction should be read as "I was robbed!" or "I'm the man!"

Mike said that he had never seen kids devour hamburgers and french fries the way these boys did. Mike ordered two desserts for the 5 of them. They were gone in a matter of mere seconds. Though it was not part of the original plan, Nathan's friends ended up coming to our house after dinner "to hang out." I guess that's what you do when you turn twelve. No more "play dates," just "hanging out." All of the boys reported that it was the best time that they had ever had. Well, that was easy! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Linder Farms

A yearly Dildine Tradition is visiting Linder Farms, a Pumpkin Patch in Meridian. We usually take one family night in October to enjoy all of the festivities they have there. Here are just a few of the many pictures I snapped.

Corn Box

Feeding the Animals

Old Tractor Tires Play Area

Hay Maze

Hay Ride

Other activities included: Bounce House Jumping, Mini Swing Riding (the kind that go around and around--Lydia's size), Chili Cheese Fry Eating, Bon Fire Gazing and Pumpkin Picking. We've had the most Beautiful October that I can ever remember. So the weather was sublime.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

End of Season

Danny had a great year of football this year. One of the highlights was when some of the boys from the Boise State Football Team came to practice. They talked to them and coached them. Danny even got to have a pass thrown to him by Kellen Moore, one of the front runners for the Heisman Trophy this year. Nathan and Mike hung out with Danny at that practice. They all came home pretty star struck.

I have no idea who these men are (with the exception of the one in the green shirt-Kellen Moore). I am sure if Mike were here he would tell you all of their names, what position they play, and how each of the guys on the team has created "a perfect storm" for Boise State (a non-AQ team) to win the National Title....I think. ;)

This year Danny's End of the Year Football Party was at Idaho Pizza Company. They decided to give all of the boys this poster, instead of a trophy. I was all for it! What a great idea. Awesome job, Danny. You had a great season!

***One other interesting side note: Danny's team was selected to star in a commercial that will air several times during the Humanitarian Bowl. So, a couple of Saturdays ago we took him out to shoot the commercial with the rest of the team. Danny was there the whole day and they fed the boys breakfast and lunch. Each of the boys got some compensation. They got to keep the their "costume" (a football jersey made just for the shoot) and they each received a $50 bill. Now that made Danny's day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bruneau Sand Dunes

On one of the Saturdays in October, Danny had a football game two hours away, in Mountain Home. We were trying to figure out something fun to do that would put us a little closer to the game. We landed on Camping at the Sand Dunes. We lucked out and got to rent one of the heated cabins for the night. We arrived just in time to play a little on the dunes (by the light of the car headlights) and to see the presentation that they had at the Observatory. We all got to look through some telescopes and get glo-stick necklaces. We then headed back to the campsite for some S'mores and Soda.

Lydia wasn't crazy about the smoke from the camp fire. What do they say about smoke following beauty?

We were glad we brought plenty of bedding. We weren't sure what to expect of the "cabin." It was barely large enough to accommodate this bunk bed with pads, a futon, a two person table and a heater--in my mind, the most important part. It was TINY...really a glorified tent...but warm and cozy! :)

After a breakfast of Bacon on Campfire Roasted Doughnuts (I let Mike plan the menu), we headed to the dunes.

All of the sledding gear that Santa brought for Christmas last year finally got some use. I am pretty sure that Santa couldn't predict that once Christmas came and went, that we would not see another lick of snow.

I kind of like Optimist Football Away Games.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire Station

Lydia has been going to Discovery Preschool through the YMCA. It is actually held at a local school in Eagle and really prepares the kids for Kindergarten. Since the funding for school buses got slashed this year, we got to go on a walking field trip to the Fire Station. Some of the kids were nervous the entire time, but Lydia warmed right up.

Lydia sitting in the Fire Truck, talking to another kid on the headset.

Lydia demonstrating the "Stop, Drop and Roll" Technique for all of the Preschoolers, Teachers, Parents and Firemen.

All of the kids got to spray the fire hose.

I just LOVED this picture. What a treat!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Boys' Weekend

We have been planning for a long time that when each of the boys turned twelve Mike would take them down to Salt Lake for their first General Conference Priesthood session. I think it was really cool for Nathan and something they will both remember for a long time.

Here Mike and Nathan are getting ready to pull out of the driveway.

At the end of the Priesthood Session.

Mike and Nathan ate their way all over town: Brick Oven, Magleby's Fresh, Cafe Rio, and the Skybox Sports Grill. They also got to see my sister Angie, her husband and kids, as well as Nathan's Great Grandma Smith.