Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Girl

Yesterday Lydia (more affectionately known as "Sissy Sue") had her Second Birthday. I haven't use one of these big flowers in Lydia's hair since she was a baby. Yesterday, as I was getting her ready, I decided it was perfectly appropriate for a birthday girl. It turned out kind of cute I think. We had a pretty uneventful day (well, minus the screaming and crying she did all the way through Target). When it came time for dinner all of kids helped make homemade pizza. "Deet-zah" is one of Lydia's favorites. She was pretty sad when she realized we couldn't eat it raw. She didn't want to put all of that lovely cheese and pepperoni in the oven.
Make a wish Lydia!
This is Lydia's first big attempt at blowing out her candle. She knew just what to do. The trouble was that more of the air was going up and blowing her bangs, than was actually going toward the candle. She could get it to flicker a bit, but even her deepest huffs and puffs weren't doing the trick.

This is Lydia's look of frustration after trying to blow out the candle five or six times. She didn't give up.

Success! Danny got behind Lydia, and pushed her face a little closer. Ryan was just about to jump in and help, and then Lydia blew out her candle...all by herself.

Once Lydia had gotten her candle blown out, there was no way she was going to open presents first. Lydia had worked hard and she insisted on having some cake! We cut the cake and put it on her high chair. We all thought it was so funny that she picked the whole thing up like a piece of pizza and went to town!

Lydia loved all of her presents. She got some My Little Ponies, a Stuffed Bear, some new shoes (have I mentioned how much she adores shoes?). She opened several nice gifts and so far this grocery cart from Mike and I has gotten the most mileage. At first it started out as a nice stroll...

...and then the race began. Lydia and all of the boys raced around our kitchen island over and over and over. They were laughing and giggling hysterically. They probably went around no less than 45 times! By the end all of us were laughing and giggling hysterically.

Danny gave Lydia this dress-up outfit. When she put it on it became the highlight of the evening. Although, I am lucky that I even got this shot. Lydia didn't want to quit running. What a Sweetie!

Happy Birthday Lydia May!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yesterday was the first Family Night of the month. On the first Monday we always bag the lesson, get out of the house and do something fun. Each month we rotate who gets to choose the activity. Ryan chose to go swimming at the YMCA. Mike made no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for our treat.
Isn't this the cutest suit? It is as gauzy and fluffy as it looks. Lydia loved wearing it. She got this suit for Christmas from her cousins that live in San Diego.

Here is the master mind behind our family night adventure. Thanks Ryan!

Sometimes I look at the older boys and can't believe how big they are getting. Isn't Danny handsome?

Nathan has really become a sweetheart to Lydia. He is always looking out for her. He was helping her walk around and "swim" in the baby pool.