Friday, January 15, 2010

Water Babies

Several times a day I start to hear the water running in our downstairs bathroom. I will usually find this little gal getting to work. She loves playing in the water! She can curl her little toes over the top of the closed cupboard door and then hoist herself onto the counter. From there she can plug the sink drain and start the fun!

To her it doesn't really matter what little items she has to "wash" or "give a bath" or "take swimming." Anything will do. Sometimes we will just be going about our daily activities and Lydia will say, "Oh Mom! I have a great idea! I should wash my hands!" I always reply, "That does sound like a great idea!" And then the fun begins again. Even though it doesn't contain all of the splashing overflow, I've never been so grateful for that little hole at the back of the sink.

Usually we rotate through 2 or 3 dresses a day. We just try to rotate them because they are not really dirty, just soaking wet. After a dress has hung dry, then it is ready to take the place of the next dress that is soon to be soaked. Today I found that Lydia's fun had flowed into the family room where she had dumped several cups of water all over the leather ottoman. Lydia's little water obsession has got me feeling a real sense of familiarity. That is because another one of my kiddos was obsessed with water too.

This is Danny just a couple months older than what Lydia is now. When he was this age, he loved playing in the water! On one occasion he dumped an entire water bottle over our old (fake) leather couch. Because the cushions were a bit saggy the water had begun to pool. He could not resist splashing and puddle jumping up and down the couch. On another occasion I had come upstairs to find Danny running back and forth, and back and forth between a running faucet and a pair of my brand new shoes. He was holding a cup and kept dumping the water into the shoes as fast as his little legs could carry him. Water logged shoes were not really funny at the time, but I can look back and laugh now.

This picture was taken last night at Danny's Spacewood Derby. Danny is sitting right in the middle. Danny's grown up quite a bit don't you think?

This year our ward decided to do Rockets instead of Cars. Danny and his Dad came up with the idea of using a Sprite label and shaping the rocket like a pop bottle. Danny's rocket won the award for "Sweetest Rocket." Good job Danny! Thanks to Dad and Grandpa Dildine for all of their help!

I sure do love my Water Babies!