Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Night in July

Last night this was the location for our Family Night. It has been pretty hot the last few days, and the water was quite...um, refreshing.

You can't believe how tall Nathan is getting. When we stand face to face his head comes up to my nose. He wears the same size shoe as I do. He will be passing me up before too long, I'm sure of it.

Mike promised both of the boys a warm toasted cookie from Quiznos if they dunked all the way under the water. This is Danny's Before Picture...

...and this is his After Picture. The boys didn't exactly describe the water as refreshing--To quote them, "It was freakishly cold!"

Ryan had a ball throwing rocks into the water, but was nervous about all of the plants and sticks under the surface. He asked over and over, "What is that? Is it scary? Does it bite?" I'm sure he was on the lookout for some fish, but he didn't need to worry. All the fish were keeping far away. I think they were all scared to get clonked on the head with the bigger and bigger rocks Ryan kept throwing.

Lydia was nervous at first, but when it came time to leave she kept saying, "Back in the Ribber!"

Handsome Group

I loved this picture of everyone. I think it is pretty hysterical the way Mike is holding his shorts up.

And on another note...this is a picture of what I found when I came downstairs yesterday:

I'm not sure if the "boredom" of the summer afternoons is getting to them, or if they just really wanted to empathize with Lydia. You know, really feel what it is like to be a 2-year-old in diapers? Whatever the reason, I am going to have some serious blackmail material when Nathan and Danny start dating.

Life is Good!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Who's Bad?"

June 29, 2009-A couple of weeks ago after Michael Jackson passed away, our friends Leah and Jay Walker hosted a street dance party in his honor. We watched music videos, learned the "Thriller Dance" and ate Popsicles. The reason for the commemoration? Simply because "Michael Jackson brought so much joy into each of our childhoods." Well put Leah. I couldn't agree more.

I couldn't resist dressing the kiddos up. They were all for it. We've been listening MJ's music for a few weeks and all of the kids really dig it. Even Lydia can't quit singing,

"Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It."

OR "ABC, One a Three...ABC, One a Three"

OR "Annie ah you okay?...Annie ah you okay?...Annie ah you okay"

"P.Y.T.-Pretty Young Thing"

This is Mike doing the Moonwalk competition. It is not so easy in flip-flops!

Nice moves Danny!

How did Michael do this signature move? Smooth Dancing Nate.

Here we are all dancing to "Thriller." A big thank you to Jay and Leah for hosting. We all had a fabulous time. And thanks to the King of Pop for all of the memories. They've really been flooding back the last couple of weeks.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Danny-D!

Today we celebrated Danny's Ninth Birthday! We are pretty sure we knew what Danny was wishing for: to give you a hint, without embarrassing him too much--Probably Danny's most favorite gift was the Special Edition of the People Magazine I grabbed in the check-out line last night at Albertson's. It featured Demi Lavato and Selena Gomez.

This button came on one of the cards his grandparents sent him. Danny really is a cool kid.

It has been fun to have Danny's cousins here from Michigan to visit. At Danny's request we had cheese fondue for dinner. Danny hand picked a Chocolate Fudge Cake and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

We are so glad Danny is a part of our family! He is thoughtful and caring and just a fun kid to be around. Happy Birthday Danny!