Friday, September 16, 2011


It worked well to have Nathan's birthday fall on a Friday.  We got to enjoy "date night" as an entire family.  Nathan's Uncle Jim and his new wife, Valerie tagged along, too.

Nathan didn't get a friend party this year.  On our kids' "family party" years we usually take them out to dinner.  Nathan chose Tucanos.  We would have had the waiters sing to him, but Lydia was terrified at the prospect.  That was okay.  He still got the complimentary ice cream sundae.

Thirteen Candles.  You're all grown up.

Nathan opened a few presents.  This was one of his favorites...Jimmer Fredette's Sacramento Kings Jersey. Mike ordered it special with "Jimmer" on the back.

Valerie made the comment that this was probably one of the last pictures of our FOUR children.  She was right!  Just a couple days later a new little bundle would arrive.  Pictures to come...

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