Friday, May 18, 2012


It's a good thing a went to Yoga this morning, or I might have blown a fuse.  I hadn't been able to find my phone all morning.  I remembered having it last night when I went to drop Ryan's invitations off to his friends' house.  Didn't see it this morning before yoga (not terribly unusual) and didn't see it after.  Cleaned the car, (that's a good thing, I guess), searched high and low.  Figured I was a bit delirious and just misplaced it.  I'm not usually a "phone loser" like some of my other friends who can't keep track of theirs.  But, I was quite distracted last night, staying up until 1 a.m. to finish my (I'm sorry), I mean Nathan's homework.  So maybe I just wasn't thinking clearly, my mind on plant systems, and war planes and 70's Music and Hunger Games and all.  So, Mike and I started trying to piece together the evening last night:  did my phone fall out of the car when we dropped off the invitations?  Did one of the kids grab it to listen to music?  But that is what they have THIER iPods, iTouches and Fischer Price Kid Tough Music players for, RIGHT?  
Even more concerning--my phone was not ringing...answering machine picking up on the first ring.

Mike:  Oh, the kids did go outside (Nathan's World Civ buddy included) to have their ice cream and jump on the tramp.  (While I tirelessly was trying to help implement their Vietnam War Video requests on the computer).  

Me:  Hmmm.  Well, maybe I can ask the older boys when they get home.  Maybe Danny used it to check the weather, or something.  I do remember needing my phone around 10:30 last night to record some voice memos to add to Nathan's Video Hunger Games News Report (yes, this is a SEPARATE video from the Vietnam war are counting right...TWO videos due today).

Mike:  (to Lydia)  Do you remember having mom's phone last night?

Lydia:  Oh yah!  We all wanted to listen to "Angry Birds Music" while we jumped on the tramp and had our ice cream.  The phone was full battery, so it was perfect.

Insert here-----me trying to do my square/yoga breathing while I walk down the stairs.

Lydia ran back in from the tramp and proudly handed me my dripping phone...yes, dripping.  

Lydia:  It had batteries last night, Mom, I promise!  Even if it doesn't have batteries now. 

Well, my dear, this is a problem that a quick charge at the computer is NOT going to fix.  
(freaking automatic sprinklers)
So, long story short...if you need to get a hold of me, I guess you'll have to use
THE LAND LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or call Mike.

(square breathing, square breathing, square breathing, while my phone sits in a bag of rice)


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Chelsea said...

I had hoped to come visit tonight but realized I hadn't brought your phone number or email, so here's my last attempt to you. Maybe this goes to your email.
Chelsea 3603488163