Monday, May 31, 2010


While Mike and the older boys were at BYU Sports Camp I met up with my sisters and other family for the Edward Patridge Memorial Day Breakfast. It is held in Oak City, UT. The members of our huge extended family serve a free breakfast to all of the community. Even the kids get involved. On the menu: Sourdough Pancakes, Ham and Eggs. Later in the day there is a program up at the cemetery where many of my close relatives and also many of my ancestors are buried.

Me, My Sister Angie, My Grandma Smith, My Sister Natalie

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sports Camp

Over Memorial Day Weekend Mike and the boys went to the Father and Sons BYU Sports Camp. This was so much fun for all of them. They got to stay in the dorms right on campus. Imagine Nathan and Danny's delight when they realized that there would be an endless supply of cold cereal or dessert anytime of the day or night! The boys were definitely sold on the Cannon Center. The focus was mostly Basketball, but all kinds of sports were covered. They got to meet BYU players and attend "Music and the Spoken Word" in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. Mike has decided that this is a "must do" tradition from now on.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Catch Up?

So today I got on my online journal and realized that it had been almost a year since I had written anything. What? How can that be? A whole year gone? I have always been envious of my diligent journal writing friends (you know who you are). Okay, so here is the question: When you take a journaling hiatus, or a blogging one, as I have since Mother's Day, do you try to play catch up? or just suppose that it is all water under the bridge, and move forward. Well, in my journal I chose the "water under the bridge " option, but here I would like to do something different. I am planning to post one picture every day in October...well, not everyday, because October already started. (When did that happen?) And not EVERY day because my Wednesdays are ultra busy. But I plan on posting most days, starting with Mother's Day and moving forward. It seems like I read somewhere that you can post-date or pre-date your blog posts with a date other than today? Does anyone know if that possible? Nonetheless, that is my plan. So for your enjoyment, let the Catch Up begin. If your not super interested in what has happened since Mother's Day maybe check back around Halloween! Hope you all are doing great!!!

Ryan turns Six Years Old! Back then he was WAY into race cars. Of course now he has other interests: Ice Hockey and Things that Fly

P.S.-I guess changing the date works! Cool.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

Here are some pictures of our Annual Mother's Day Photo Shoot. My compliments to the photographer (Mike).

The sun was pretty bright. This was the best group picture we could get of Lydia. It almost looks like she is winking. :) I adore these kids.

This video was just one of the highlights from my Mother's Day Weekend. I went to Ryan's class and they had snacks and gifts and songs for us all. Thanks to all of my family for helping me feel so loved.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Every so often Ryan gets an urge to give Lydia a Makeover. The result is always interesting and often tear inducing. Not for Lydia, but for me. This make-up you see smeared all over Lydia's face was no easy task to clean up off the carpet, or her face. It also represents dollar signs of dumped out Mineral Make-up. Or you may remember the time Ryan decided to give Lydia her first hair cut. That was definitely tear inducing. But now that the scissors are under lock and key it is a little easier to laugh at Ryan's latest creation.

Here is the completely willing participant. Well, and who can blame her? Wouldn't YOU jump at the chance for a Makeover.....from a 5-Year-Old? :)

I think Ryan needs a little more training on where the eyeliner goes...

... and the mascara.

Lydia was thrilled with the results and Ryan was definitely proud of his Masterpiece.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The last weekend in April, Mike and I went out to Ann Arbor, Michigan for my brother-in-law's Graduation. We got to tour the business school and see what Brian has been up to for the last few years.

The Dean's Reception had quite a spread with lots of fresh fruit. Yum! I took a picture of this Ice Sculpture for the my kids. I thought they would think it was cool.

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing my niece, Sydney and nephew, Wesley. The games on my iPhone were a huge hit. I'm so in love with Sydney's curly hair!

Outside the Business School: My mom, my dad, Brian, Natalie, me and Mike.
The building was pretty amazing.

We got to hear President Obama speak at the Main Commencement Exercises. It really was a nice weekend. Contrats to Brian and Natalie and thanks for showing us around.

Monday, May 17, 2010


A few weeks ago we got our typical weekend babysitter. She is one of our regulars and has babysat our kids at least once a month for the last 6 years. Imagine her surprise that night when both Mike and I came walking down our stairs looking like this. We like to mix up our weekly Date Night every now and again, but sometimes it takes someone else's imagination. Thanks to our friends for hosting an 80's murder mystery. It was the perfect occasion to get dressed up!

I went as an 80's Ballet Dancer who was married to this 80's Break Dancer.

The D.I. had some really good finds. The get-up that Mike found for himself was so inspirational that he just couldn't restrain himself from showing off some serious break dancing moves. He really did impress all of the party guests. And yes his hat really does read, "Coke is It! In Pocatello"---Classic!

And now a big shout-out to Tricia and her girls, who made my entire costume possible. I knew that they would have just the perfect thing. I had hot pink, tiger-striped hoop earrings, and a jean jacket that read, Dance, in rhinestones on the back. I know the shoes look like they could have been laying in a closet for 25 years, but they were actually purchased recently, to be worn by my niece. Nathan has educated me in the ways: Neon is back in style.

We were quite the pair-- Mike with his mad Rapping Skills and me with my Big Hair. (Which by the way was inspired by a real person from the past. A girl from my dance classes years ago. We called her "High-Bangs." Remember Mom? Angie and Natalie? Though I couldn't reach her bang height, I tried to pay tribute...How did she do that??)


Now that it is Mid-May I am left wondering, what happened to April? Though March usually "comes in like a lion and out like a lamb," this year the "lion" weather hung around until a week ago. April seemed to tease us and we would be out and about with ANY sign of warmer weather. Here are some pictures we took of the kids one evening. The parks in downtown Boise are amazing with full grown trees and bike paths by the river.

It was a perfect evening...(even though the high for the next day was probably 45 degrees!) :)

Here's to warmer weather.